Dreamy Orange Creamsicle Shake

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup International Delight Fat Free & Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer
    2 cups store bought orange juice, frozen into ice cubes
    sugar free whipped cream
    fresh orange slices, optional

Directions :

  1. Combine creamer and orange juice cubes in a blender, use pusher or scrape down sides until mixture is of shake consistency.  Add additional creamer or milk if you need to thin it out more.
    Pour about 3 ounces of shake into the bottom of an 8 ounce glass.  Add a dollop of whipped cream.  Add about 3 ounces more of shake, and then add another dollop of whipped cream.  Give shake a light stir to swirl whipped cream and shake.  Add 2 ounces of shake and top off with a dollop of whipped cream and a fresh orange slice.
    Repeat until all glasses are filled.
    Serve and enjoy!

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